Bring your ideas. Make ours possible!

In a world of impossible ideas, you can help us make them possible. Right now, at EDP, we are undergoing a period of deep transformation that will open a world of possibilities.

Our 3D challenges are Decarbonization, by generating cleaner energy, Digitalization, by transforming us into a more digital utility and Downstream, by empowering consumers in our value chain.

With you, we want to achieve the impossible and make an impact in the world. Through the EDP Trainee Program, we will give you the tools to develop yourself professionally and personally. You will also have the chance to get to know and influence different business areas and, in most cases, have an international mobility experience.

Month program

Tech or Business profile

Of our trainees stay with us. We invest to retain

Outstanding experiences in different business areas and possible international experience

When impossible turns into possible

It’s Global! It's open to applications of candidates from all nationalities and academic backgrounds.

For 14 months you will have a full immersion in the daily activities of our business. We will invest in your development with an onboarding experience, on the job training, thematic roundtables, business challenges and individual career counseling during all the program.

With two job rotations of six months each, you will gain a real multicultural exposure and the possibility of an international experience.

We invest to retain! More than 90% of our trainees are invited to stay within the company, to continue their amazing work.

Be part of a Program that was one of the Top Three Graduate and Trainee Recruitment Programmes on the European Excellence Awards in HR!

We are looking for more than technical skills and academic knowledge. To help us change the world and be several steps ahead we expect your ability to:

Cooperate & easily establish networking

Show curiosity to know and learn more every day

Look around you and identify how things can be improved

Deliver with excellence in a consistent way, assuming ownership and responsibility

Generate a positive impact on others

Be brave, give the first step and make things happen




Take a look at the two profiles that we have for you. If one of them matches your passion, click on the apply button. Don’t waste any time, share all the details about you that we should know and apply before October 5th, 2018.



Through online testing, you will show us your skills and competencies. We already know that you are great and this is our chance to confirm it, so take your time to do them.



On this stage, we want to know more about yourself through a video interview. All applications are screened and if you stand out you will be invited to participate.



Make the impossible possible! It is time for us to meet you in person, through fun, dynamic and challenging activities. In October we plan to be in Lisbon, Madrid, and São Paulo.




If you are one of the best before we welcome you to the EDP Trainee Program, our managers will have a chat with you and we will confirm if it is a match.



The good news will arrive in November. If you are selected, we will invite you to join our program and we will be counting on you to help EDP transform the future.

Two profiles in a world of possibilities

Welcome to our world of possibilities! At EDP you can contribute in very different areas, that we have structured in two profiles – Tech or Business. The basic requirement is being adventurous. So, if you are available for job rotation, international mobility, can communicate in English and are willing to learn Portuguese, this is your program! You will need to have full-time availability starting in January 2019.

Make it possible


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We are looking for someone with technological skills and passion for digital endeavors!

Foster innovation on client-focused solutions, upgrade our cybersecurity programs, help us develop a robot to optimize processes or tackle intelligent mobility.

If you live by the numbers, back your predictions with data outperforming Nostradamus, have a talent as a human scanner or just simply love the digital world, help us make the impossible possible.

Make it possible


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We are searching for master graduates or equivalent who have completed or about to finish up to December 2019 in multiple academic areas and backgrounds.

Help our clients save to compete, manage investors relations, build smart home solutions, or even optimize strategic processes.

There are a million possibilities if you want to make an impact on our business. And don’t worry, business is core but being digital will also be a part of your journey.

Do you believe you have what it takes to be successful on both profiles?

Maybe your experience and interests suit both our profiles. If that is the case you can apply through the Business Profile and indicate, at the end of the form, that you are also interested in the Tech Profile. That will give us enough information to consider you for both opportunities. Good luck!

The experience

What our trainees say

Since this program is global, before applying, we recommend you to take a look at these frequently asked questions (FAQs), that will give you the information that you need to know before applying.

About being part of EDP

We are changing the world with our energy and we want you to change it with us! As a global utility, at EDP Group we know the world needs cleaner and sustainable energy and we are committed to being part of the solution. We have a social responsibility to impact positively our society and we ask our employees to do so by having 4 monthly hours of volunteer community work.

We are constantly looking for innovative solutions worldwide. To find them, we believe in diversity, with frequent interaction between different generations, cultures, and nationalities.

Our people have high standards and a curious spirit. They value teamwork and professional development by sharing experiences and working with some of the finest energy industry specialists. Business challenges are faced in a flexible way and with a friendly work environment, integrating your professional and personal life in a balanced way.

Are you ready to challenge and be challenged?

Top five biggest wind-energy producers worldwide
More than 11.000 employees
Present in 15 countries in 4 different continents
1st position for peers, 2nd among utilities on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Any questions?

If you have questions take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions here. If there is still something you need to clarify with us, please send us an email and we will answer you as soon as we can.